The Pulse



Introducing The Pulse – the ultimate real-time, interactive data dashboard powered by EventConnect and exclusively designed for the sports events and tourism industry. Created in collaboration between Sports ETA and EventConnect, The Pulse provides a live, comprehensive view of key industry metrics derived from EventConnect’s vast collection of sporting events data. Whether you’re a sports organizer, venue operator, or tourism professional, The Pulse gives you access to valuable insights and analytics that can help you make informed decisions and stay ahead of the game.

Benefits & Uses

The Pulse Quarterly reports

Volume 2 | Edition 4
December 2022
Volume 2 | Edition 3
September 2022
Volume 2 | Edition 2
June 2022
Volume 2 | Edition 1
February 2022
Volume 1 | Edition 2
November 2021
Volume 1 | Edition 1
June 2021

Just for You


Are you looking to use meaningful data to help your organization better serve your community and give you a competitive advantage? The power of The Pulse’s data runs much deeper than these visualizations display. We are now capable of digging into the data and extracting elements vital to your organization’s goals by developing custom reports through tailored data and analysis fit to your organization’s needs. Contact to learn more.


Learn more about the all-in-one tournament and sport software solution powering the data behind The Pulse. EventConnect is the only event management software in the sports tourism industry that connects thousands of rights holders, tournament directors and accommodations on one platform—working with more than 4,000 events, 20,000 hotels in over 800 cities across North America. EventConnect helps sports destinations/organizations reduce time spent on administrative tasks and increases capacity for delivering memorable experiences to all participants. The no-cost, end-to-end platform is customized for each partner’s needs and is seamless for organizers and participants to use, creating efficiency while increasing value. EventConnect has an average savings of 24% on hotel rates versus the leading booking platforms and has an over 99% rate of booking satisfaction and positive experiences.

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