The Stoll Report on

Sports Facilities

Report Overview

This marks the first report of its kind analyzing the state of the sports facilities industry in the U.S. Sports facilities are those encompassing the primary intent of serving as the site of sporting activities. To provide timely insights into developments and paradigms, Stoll Strategies has partnered with industry leader Playeasy to tap into its robust and ever-growing data source. This report aims to provide detailed data, insights, and actions regarding space types, sports type offerings, and amenities.

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Included in the Report

Bells and Whistles

From standard amenities to new technology and innovative experiences, learn what amenities are most (and least) common among facilities.

Facility Breakdowns

We dive deep into the data to breakdown facility insights by facility type, sport, region, and even state. Not only that, but we take a look at emerging trends and non-traditional venues, too.

Key Insights

The landscape of sports facility development is rapidly changing. This report will bring you up-to-speed on everything you need to know with key insights in every section along the way.

Future Considerations

Whether professional sport, or youth and amateur, facility development is all the buzz. We’ll arm you with trends and considerations as you look to the future of the industry.

Historical Context

Facility development has gone through many cycles over the years. This report explores the current boom in facility development in the context of the past, present, and future.

Event Success

Events do more for our communities than just fill hotel room nights. This report is expanding, measuring, and communicating additional metrics of success are vital.


Providing a first-of-its-kind comprehensive tool analyzing sports facilities in the U.S., The Stoll Report on Sports Facilities dives into the rapidly-changing landscape of the sports facility industry. With data provided by Playeasy, this valuable FREE industry resource provides a holistic facilities industry overview coupled with expert analysis and forward-thinking insights. This report is the first in a series of forthcoming reports providing insight data, analysis, and insights related to sports facilities.

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We have all experienced impactful events that touch us at our core. As you know, sports events and tourism is so much than room nights booked. These events bring communities together, forge common bonds, and put your destination on the map. Our aim is to measure and enhance your organization’s value proposition for your unique community stakeholders’ interests and goals. 

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